Sib Icon Extractor

Sib Icon Extractor 3.41

Extract icons from your files and internet

Sib Icon Extractor is a helpful tool for obtaining icons from specific files or applications. This utility has a powerful feature that scans your entire computer, searching and collecting icon images for you. Sib Icon Extractor can also download icons from internet websites, opening up a wide range of possibilities. It supports several formats for extracting your icons including BPL, DPL, VBX, OCX, RES, DVC, NIL, IL, SCR, DLL, ICL, EXE, ANI, CUR, and ICO, among many others. This application enables you to extract icons even from compressed ZIP and RAR files. Extract the entire list of Windows Vista icons and use them for anything. Sib Icon Extractor can save your icons in the ICC icon format for better features; including source information. You can sort icons within your collections and split icon libraries into different icon files. Change and customize Windows icons according to your needs and repair the icon cache. Sib Icon Extractor is the easy tool for icon extraction tasks.